Statistical analysis

The feature that distinguishes us from typical IT companies is their unique competence and experience in the field of advanced data analysis. We do not limit ourselves to performing standard analyzes, but we find interesting and non-obvious dependencies that we use to solve problems. We conduct the analysis step by step presenting clearly both the purpose of the action and the selection of the methods used.

Our competences and typical tasks:

Performing business analysis / defining the problem

Preparation of data for modeling

Exploration and statistical descriptive analysis of data

Feature engineering / construction and selection of predictive variables

Construction and validation of predictive models

Assessing various methods and choosing the optimal form of the model

Comparison of traditional statistical models with machine learning and / or deep learning models

Presentation and discussion of modeling results

Interpretation of model results

Preparation of technical documentation, descriptions and explanations

Implementation of predictive models

Implementation. Automation of model monitoring predictive